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Effortlessly Manage Your Information

Enjoy convenience, compliance, and consent management

Take ownership and control of your personal or business information and enjoy exceptional cybersecurity, simplicity and permanent access.

Cowrie personal vault for online securtiy, document management, compliance and cyber security

Personal Vault

  In our ever-evolving digital landscape, we store more than just files – we store extensions of our lives. The Cowrie Personal Vault isn’t just about security; it's about safeguarding the keystones of your digital identity. From financial documents to medical records, Cowrie Personal Vault is committed to creating a sanctuary where your digital essence is not just stored but cherished.

AI Applications

Cowrie help and support

Help & Support

Provide your customers with easily updated 24/7 support and answers to frequently asked questions. 



Cowrie Encryption service


We use RSA 4096 field-level encryption, two-factor authentication, biometric verification and several additional layers of best-in-market security protocols.

cowrie consent management


When making an information request, individuals or businesses must explain why they need it, ensuring you always know how your information is being used.

cowrie Information protection


Only you decide who has access to your information, for how long and for what purpose. You can also expire vault access or revoke permission at any time

Cowrie Complaince service


All information gathered, stored and shared from a Cowrie vault is 100% in compliance with Protection of Personal Information Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Cowrie digital vault, compliance and cybersecurity

Vaults and Services

Enjoy permanent and secure access to your personal or business information.

Cowrie compliance and cybersecurity

AI Products

Deploy AI applications along with WhatsApp or website chatbots and simplify business.

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