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Custody and

The First and Only PoPI-Compliant Custody and Consent Protocol.

Gather information from fragmented sources into a single origin of truth that you can verify, own, manage and share – for any purpose, with anyone.

And you can do it all with a click or a tap.

Only With Your Consent

Any information you store is entirely under your control – only you decide who has access to it. And at any point, you can also expire or revoke that access.

Secure, Tamperproof Credentials

Multi-factor authentication, strong cryptography and secure data storage protect your data. In addition, updates to data are version-controlled; nothing is ever deleted.

Innovative Cloud-Native System

Cowrie is API-centric and built on distributed and managed services to provide always-on access and fall-over protection.

Simple Integration and Development

It’s simple to add Cowrie to any system infrastructure. The implementation code is already developed for you and ready to deploy in minutes.

White-Labelled Platform Architecture

Cowrie is developed platform-agnostic, which means you can introduce a branded and customised protocol into your business.

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