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Cowrie Products

In today's digital age, control, compliance, and trust over data are more than just a necessity; they are a competitive edge. Cowrie, inspired by Africa's ancient form of value storage – the seashell, introduces a revolutionary approach to managing personal and business information with airtight security, traceability, and utmost integrity. By harnessing global standards and innovative technologies, Cowrie offers a suite of products that redefine data management, putting you in the driver's seat. Here's an introduction to our game-changing offerings.

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Cowrie Personal Vault

Your Digital Sanctuary for Life's Essentials.


In our ever-evolving digital landscape, we store more than just files – we store extensions of our lives. The Cowrie Personal Vault isn’t just about security; it's about safeguarding the keystones of your digital identity. From financial documents to medical records, Cowrie Personal Vault is committed to creating a sanctuary where your digital essence is not just stored, but cherished.


Multi-dimensional Storage:

Keep everything from digital IDs to educational certificates safe and easy to find.

Consent Management:

Have the power to dictate the terms when sharing your vital documents.


Tamper-Proof Technology: Our cryptographic verification ensures your data remains untouched and invulnerable.

Organized Categories:

Distinct sections for varying document types, ensuring an efficient organization.

Easy Retrieval:

Locate documents quickly with our intuitive search and categorization.


Absolute Peace of Mind:

Rest easy knowing that the keystones of your digital identity are shielded by top-tier security.

Control in Your Hands:

Own your data completely, and share on your terms with defined consents.

Efficiency Unmatched:

Reduce the stress and time wasted on document searches with our organized system.

Why Choose Cowrie Personal Vault?

In an age of digital vulnerability, take a step ahead. With Cowrie, not only are your documents protected, but they're also celebrated and organized for efficient access. Your life’s essentials deserve the sanctity that Cowrie offers.

Cowrie business vault online security and compliance

Cowrie Business Vault

Fortify Your Business's Digital Assets


 Business data is the lifeblood that flows through the digital arteries of modern enterprises. As organizations move deeper into the digital realm, the integrity and safety of this data become paramount. Cowrie Business Vault isn't just a storage solution; it's a declaration that you take your business's digital pulse seriously. By meticulously safeguarding every byte, Cowrie ensures that your enterprise is equipped to flourish in the digital age.


Compliance Mastery:

Align perfectly with regulations like GDPR, PoPIA, and Open Finance.

Advanced Security Protocols:

Guard your business data with unmatched security measures.

Categorized Storing:

From HR documents to financial invoices, every document has its designated space.

Transparent Reporting:

Every data interaction is recorded, ensuring transparency.


Guard Your Legacy:

Ensure that your business data, the heart of your operations, remains unviolated.

Seamless Compliance:

Navigate international regulations with ease, ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

Operational Brilliance:

With an organized vault, increase your business’s efficiency and agility.

Why Choose Cowrie Business Vault?

It's not just about storage; it's about trust. Trust in your data's safety, in its integrity, and in its ready availability. With Cowrie, you signal to stakeholders, partners, and employees that you're dedicated to a resilient and compliant digital future.

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Cowrie business cybersecurity and compliance

Cowrie Business

Elevate Data Transactions to an Art


Data exchange is the choreography behind successful business interactions in our digital-first world. With Cowrie Business, we present a platform that doesn’t just facilitate data transactions but elevates them to a dance of precision and trust. This isn't just about data movement; it's about redefining how businesses communicate and ensuring that every byte exchanged does so with purpose and protection.


Fortified Sharing:

Data transactions are shielded, ensuring safety at all times.

Blazing Fast Transactions:

Share or request information instantly without lags.

Open API Integration:

Ensure compatibility with your existing systems, enhancing flexibility.

Auditable Actions:

Every data movement is meticulously logged for transparency and auditing.


Unleash Agility:

Rapid and secure data transactions mean faster decision-making and reactions.

Absolute Transparency:

Always be prepared for audits with clear and automated record-keeping.

Integration Excellence:

Seamlessly blend Cowrie with your existing systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Why Choose Cowrie Business?

Rise above the competition. With Cowrie Business, ensure that every data transaction is not just a transfer, but a statement of trust, speed, and reliability. In the dance of digital data, let your business lead.

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Cowrie AI
Cowrie AI online security and compliance

Cowrie AI

A Beacon in the AI Revolution


 Artificial Intelligence isn't the future; it's the present shaping our tomorrow. Cowrie AI serves as your compass in this vast ocean of AI potential. We're not just offering a platform; we’re offering a vision—a vision where AI is not an external force but an intrinsic ally. With Cowrie AI, integrate, explore, and deploy AI functionalities without borders, all under a blanket of unparalleled security.


Turnkey Templates:

Leverage diverse AI templates tailored for myriad business needs.

Regulatory Genius:

Designed for global privacy norms, ensuring you deploy AI without compliance concerns.

Bespoke AI Solutions:

Craft unique solutions for your unique challenges.

Cross-Platform Genius:

Deploy effortlessly across a plethora of platforms, ensuring business continuity.


Instant AI Integration:

Leap into the AI era without the traditional hurdles of building from the ground up.

Safeguarded Operations:

Dive into AI innovations, knowing every byte remains shielded.

Unleash Potential:

With tailored solutions, tap into AI's potential in ways you never thought possible.

Why Choose Cowrie AI?

Venture into the AI landscape with a trusted partner. With Cowrie AI, not only do you get cutting-edge technology, but also the assurance of security and compliance. In the AI revolution, Cowrie ensures you’re not just a participant, but a pioneer.

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With Cowrie, you're not just adopting a platform; you're embracing a vision. A vision where data silos are a thing of the past, and everyone – from individuals to corporates – enjoys unbridled data freedom under a canopy of trust, security, and compliance. Dive into the future of data management with Cowrie: where you own the data, not the risks.

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