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Cowrie about us

About Us

Cowrie is the single, secure point of truth for all your data.

What Sets Us Apart?

Innovation Meets Tradition: Inspired by the ancient African seashell, Cowrie combines tradition with modern technology to revolutionize how information is stored and shared.

Unwavering Security: From RSA 4096 key encryption to multifactor authentication and immutable audit logs, your data’s safety is our foremost priority. Data Sovereignty: We believe in empowering our users. With Cowrie, you're not just storing data, but actively managing its accessibility and usage.    

Regulatory Compliance: Seamlessly align with POPIA, GDPR, and Open Finance regulations. Our protocol ensures you're always ahead of the compliance curve.


API-Centric and Modular: Cowrie’s infrastructure is designed for rapid deployment without compromising data integrity. A Team Like No Other: Our team combines expertise from diverse fields like Banking, Fintech, Blockchain, and more, ensuring that Cowrie is always at the forefront of innovation.

Cowrie document management
cowrie online vault digital vault
cowrie online vault digital vault
Cowrie Document management
Cowrie document management
cowrie cybersecurity document management
Cowrie compliance and document management
Cowrie document management

Eliminate Duplicate Requests for Documentation

Upload information once, and after giving the necessary people permission, they can access that information as often as they need without ever having to ask for it.

No More Paperwork

Upload any information to your vault, and once verified, it can be shared with anyone for any purpose or used to autocomplete information requests.

Click. Done.

Update Your Information

Upload the latest information to your vault and share it with any business or person so that they can update records within seconds.

Verify Employee Credentials

When onboarding new employees, confirming credentials is as simple as requesting access to necessary information.

Reduce Administrative Effort

From issuing pay slips to confirming employment credentials, Cowrie provides a permanently available store of any work documentation – there’s no need to reissue anything.

Information Integrity

Upload any information, and it will remain as a secure, tamperproof, traceable and version-controlled addition to your vault.

Simplified Compliance

Cowrie provides a tamperproof due diligence record demonstrating full regulatory compliance and a duty of care for all held information.

Easier KYC

Request access to customers’ most current information, benefit from multi-party attestation and perform effortless customer due diligence as often as necessary.

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