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The Business of Business

To provide assurances and clean audits, you need transparency, accountability and information.

Cowrie offers you simplified, secured, and automated access to as much information as you need, all with a rigorous duty of care.

Easy for Businesses to Provide the Documentation You Need 

Update, add and move interoperable information directly from a client Vault to yours.

Trace the Providence of Any Product or Certification 

Follow every detail of each company action, transaction, credential and digital asset through tamperproof audit logs.

Ensure Customer Information is Secure

Cowrie provides you with a highly secure and documented duty of care when dealing with information on the platform.

Automatically Update Records

Cowrie can ensure your records are constantly updated. At the same time, you have permissioned access, and we will notify you if that permission changes.

Traceable Employee Access to Information

Track employee access and use of information with detailed, time-stamped, tamperproof activity logs.

Automated Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Integrate the Cowrie API into any business system for automatic data capturing and compliance with privacy and consent laws.

Collaborate with Businesses to Reduce Unwanted Behaviour

Manage customer actions through real-time, bi-directional information sharing between businesses.

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