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It’s Your Information

Collect it, secure it, share it and use it – effortlessly and impactfully. Because now you can truly own and control it all to your benefit.

Never Fill Out Another Form

Upload information to your Vault once and then share access to it. No more forms, no more duplicated documents. Just your Cowrie.

Only Share the Information You Want To

Your information is consent-managed – only people or businesses with permission can see the information you share. And only for as long as you choose.

Fix Incorrect Details with One Update 

Your Vault is the source of truth. Any changes you make will automatically reflect in every account you’ve given access to.

Protect Everything

Cowrie protects your identity and information through multi-factor authentication, biometric verification, the latest encryption protocols and anonymised data storage.

Contact Us

To find out more about white-label solutions, contact

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