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Own The Data, Not The Risk

Receive and share permissioned information, credentials and digital assets that are secure, traceable, compliant and always under your control.

Comply With Privacy Laws

Effortlessly and automatically comply with PoPI requirements with consent-managed data sharing.

Onboard Anyone Effortlessly

Reduce the administrative burden of onboarding staff, suppliers and customers through third-party verification and multi-party attestation.

Provide a Duty of Care For Customer Information

Cowrie provides a highly secure and audit-logged record of all information stored, shared and how it’s used.

Automatically Update Records

Cowrie can ensure your records are constantly updated while you have permissioned access and notify you if that permission changes.

Simplify KYC

Learn more about individual customers by discovering additional information other businesses can verify.

Simplified Audits and Assurance

Effortlessly comply with any audit or assurance requirements by providing auditors access to your Vault.

Avoid Continuous Requests for Compliance Documentation

Upload compliance documentation to your Vault once, which is automatically shared with any entity with access to that part of your Vault.

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